Hua Ji Hong, aged 42, is a deputy general manager of the Company, and is mainly responsible for the brand management outside mainland China, marketing, information management as well as sales and business management in traditional markets in Hong Kong, as one of the main countries outside mainland China, of the Company. Ms. Hua joined Tong Ren Tang Group in 2000. Ms. Hua obtained a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, both in Chinese medicine, from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in June 1997 and July 2000,respectively.


Anyang Ma, aged 55, is a deputy general manager of the Company, and is mainly responsible for the project investment. By holding a master's degree of Herbal Medicine from the University of Sydney, Mr. Ma is the founder and the Managing Director of Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Australia) Pty Ltd. During the past of more than 30 years in his career, Mr. Ma has accumulated extensive experiences in various Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sectors including clinical services, processing and manufacturing, import and export, wholesale and retail, research and development, quality control and management. Before migrating into Australia in 2001, Mr. Ma served as a senior executive of Hai-O Group, a listing company specialized in Chinese medicine in Malaysia for many years. Due to his keen interest in the TCM globalization, modernization and the popularization, Mr. Ma has been appointed as the committee member of Australian Mirror Committee (HE031) of the Chinese medicine standardization committee under the International Standard Organization (ISO/TC249). Mr. Ma is also the current president of Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia (CMIC).

Li Xia, aged 50, is the chief engineer of the Company, and joined the Company in 2008. Ms. Li has been in Tong Ren Tang Group since 1990 and is mainly responsible for research and development of Chinese medicines and healthcare products. Ms. Li obtained a bachelor's degree in Chinese medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in July 1989.